About Us


Fuel Church exists so that people near and far from Christ can be filled (fueled) with the Grace and Hope found in Jesus Christ.  It is our desire to reach every age, every culture, and every generation at each Worship Experience.

Thanks for stopping by to learn a little bit more of who Fuel Church is.  We are a church, of imperfect people that were lost and needed a Savior.  We believe that church should be fun and not endured. Our goal in every worship experience is to point people to Jesus.  

You have three options every Sunday to come and worship with us:

9:15a // 11:00a // 12:45p

The first Thursday of every month we meet at 7pm for a more intimate time of worship.  We take communion and pray for those who are in need.

Ministry Partners: One of our core values is “Don’t do life alone”.  We believe this is equally important for the health of our church.  Thats why we have linked arms with other ministries that have the same mission and vision as we do. These ministries also serve the role as Overseers to Fuel Church.

Grace Town

LaMorris Crawford

City Church

7 Hills Church

Embassy City Church