Heart for the House

It has been a historic year for Fuel Church and we are carrying this same momentum into 2019 with even more exciting opportunities that God is bringing us.  At Fuel Church we love to celebrate the generosity of those who have made this a banner year. On Sunday December 9th we will look at the heart you had for the house of God and see the many lives that were impacted by viewing our 2018 Annual Report and looking at our Heart for the House initiatives for 2019.

Our Heart for the House initiatives are all about sharing the love of Jesus and reaching as many people as possible with the Hope and Grace found in Jesus Christ.  Participating in Heart for the House simply means that you are showing your heart for His House and for His people.  Those who participate in Heart for the House give over and above their tithe, which goes directly towards key ministry initiatives, building improvements and local missions.  Thank you for your generosity!